I have good friends in my room. They are Spiders. Actually, since I do not clean my desk, spiders make a nest. Today, I found three spiders. They are fairly small and move quickly. My friend coming to my room killed one small spider. According to him, I should kill a spider because some have poison.

However, I am not scared at spiders if they are small. I hate big one such as アシダカグモ. In Australia, there are various kinds of spiders. Some are small, but have a poison. Some are very big enough to catch a bird. If you want to see spiders, you should go to Tronga Zoo in Sydney.

Today, I regard them good because one spider living at the window caught a noisy fly. In Australia, flies are much slower than those of Japanese, but they are tough. Even if you squash a fry, it could be still alive. I hit a fly in order to send it away. And then, it fell on the nest of spider in accident. It managed to escape from the nest, but unfortunately, he was killed by the master of the nest. The master treated the fly like a soccer ball and ate it slowly. Finally, the fly was tied with the threat. Even though the spider is small, he is strong.

In Japan, spiders are a benefit bug even if it is big. That is because they eat harm bugs such as flies and cockroaches. I think I got a good friend in my room though there is a high possibility that I will kill him by accident or intentionally...