A regional tournament was organized in Sydney Games Centre at 10:30. Usually, I can not take part in the tournamet, but today my friend drove me to SGC. He said I should attend the tournament because this is the final tournament which I can take part in.

Since yesterday, Gadjets have become legal in tournament. I made a Gadjet deck for this tournament. The Machine Structured Deck is available in SGC. There are so many stocks that you do no miss that. Though I do not have enough cards, I constructed the deck fairly well.

The most significant factor is that I obtained Mirror Force. A man asked me to buy the Mirror Force in 50$. I do want it, but I could not prepare the money yesterday. Today, I brought the money for that and I finally got the powerful card.

Lots of Yu-Gi-Oh players come to SGC to play regional tournament. But, the number of players who take part in the tounament is too huge. In the first time I watched regional, about 50 people came. Today, 85 people took part in the tournament. Basically, if you stay inside a building, you feel it very cool although outside is burning. Today's SGC was so muggy that I could not help buying many bottles of water.

This extraordinary situation caused the change of tournament style. Usually, players are supposed to play 7 rounds. However, because of too many people, you can not continue to attend the tournament unless you win two games during first three games. SGC apologized for the unexpected situation.

My Gadjet deck worked very well in the first three games. Although I lost the first match, I defeated Monarch Deck which I would never be able to beat if I used the former deck.

The final result was 3win 4 loss. The gadjet deck worked very well. The reason to lose seems the number of gadjet. I use two sets of Gadjets. 6 Gadjets are stable but all Gadjets are easily used. In that situation, I can not defend myself with monsters.

Anyway, I should study Gadjets deck in order to win. But, I have little time to play in Australia though...