Today was the last day to go to SGC. Unfortunately, I have to leave this country next Saturday. Usually, in week days, few people come to the shop. So even if I go to SGC, I can not meet my familiar friends. Therefore, I had an opportunity to meet them only in this day.

Nevertheless, I overslept today. I woke up at 10:30. I got to the bus leaving on 11:10 and went to Bankstown station as usual. However, when I arrived at Bankstown station, the train was about to leave. When I came into the platform, the train had left. I had to wait for 30 minutes. The inconvenience of Bankstown annoyed me until the end.

After arriving at SGC, the tournament was almost finished. Round 4th was under process and most people had finished their games. Only one pair was playing their game. The game was played by Gadjets deck and Chain Burn Deck. They had just entered sudden death game. Chain Burn has advantage to inflict damage to the opponent. So, the player who used it won the sudden death game. Gadjets deck player unfortunately did not have "Deswombat".

When the game finished, I had a game with a player who used Burn Deck. I just wanted to attempt my E-Hero deck with new cards from STON. In the first round, I was beaten completely. He used Ojama and prevented me from summoning E-Heros. Finally, I was burned... In the second game, Air-Humming Bird worked beautifully. I topdecked the card in the first draw and I activated his effect. Eventually, my LP increased to 12000. And I destroyed the opponent's magic and trap cards by using Wildwingman. His effect also worked very well. However, the effect was so costly that I used all my hands. The opponent special summoned "Lava Golem" tributing Wildwingman and other my E-Hero monster. Finally, I was burned again...

After the game, I went to have a lunch with my Chinese friends. They usually have a meal at Gumball in Westfild. They always order the lunch sets there. As for me, I ordered Salmon Sushi at Akafuku. Whenever I go out, I have rice paper roll or sushi. Sushi in Australia is expensive although the variation is narrow. But, I like to have it because I am reminded of Japanese food. As I had lunch faster than they, I went back to SGC prior to the other friends.

When I came back to SGC, I found my Gadjets deck was not in my bag. I was upset at the time. I looked for the deck for a while but I could not find it. As I lost my electronic dictionary few days ago, I thought the tragedy was repeated again. However, my opponent took the deck to front because it was left on the desk. When I played with him, I left my deck. Kindly, he took that to the front. I always think the players in SGC are very kind and friendly. They would make SGC a good community.

I bought SGC's T-shirt for my memory. It cost 25$. It is faily expensive but I think it is a good proof that I played YGO at SGC.

I played YGO for about one year in Australia. I learned something new from YGO, which was born in Japan and which is popular across the world. I could not win games a lot, but I learned a lot of things from the players. They emphasize friends regardless of their strength, and help each other. There was no discrimination and conflict among differet races. They always play a game seriously, but enjoy the game. The most siginificantly, they know that players make a game fun and. Neither UDE nor shop does that. If players are good, the game becomes fun. They know that the most important part is a player and thier action will make the community to which they belong good.

I am always surprised that they learn something new from the game and express what they learned verbally and with their behaviors. YGO is just a game, but it provides precious and valuable experience. I never forget what I learned from YGO and my good friends.

Farewell, SGC...